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Active Edge MAT, LLC is a provider of health, wellness and sports performance enhancement here in Colorado Springs since 2006. Active Edge MAT utilizes Muscle Activation Techniques or, MAT, to evaluate the body's capability to function based upon physical demands placed on the body. When muscles are not functioning correctly, you may experience some of the following issues: Unstable movement, compensation, tightness, discomfort or even pain.

MAT is a non-medical process of assessment, improvement and maintenance of a muscle's contractile efficiency, (ability to contract on demand to create joint stability). The MAT process includes 4 essential components:

  1. CAM Comparative Assessment of Mobility
  2. AMC&S Active Muscle Contract and Sustain assessment
  3. PIC Positional Isoangular Contraction
  4. DFAMAT Direct Force Application to Muscle Attachment Tissue
Through these 4 components, MAT can restore or improve: Synovial joint and spinal range of motion, synovial joint and spinal stability, muscle contraction speed and force output, reduce joint mechanical wear, align joint contact surfaces.

Why should you contact us at Active Edge MAT?
  • We do the most reliable analysis to identifying muscle imbalances
  • We help our clients restore joint range of motion and stability
  • We offer specific isometric exercises, based upon your current weaknesses that can be integrated with any other workout program
  • We bring over 10 years of experience of working with the general population, Jr. High, Sr. High, College, Olympic and professional athletes. Learn more

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Greg Roskopf, Biomechanics Specialist for the Denver Broncos and developer of muscle Activation Techniques explains watch video.

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Hunter Kemper USA Triathelete 2000, 2004, 2008 and 2012 Olympian, 7 Time US Elite National Champion: I have struggled with injuries for the past few years, which has kept me out of competiting in triathlons... I have incorporated Muscle Activation full testimonial

I have known Brad for almost 3 years now and feel so absolutely blessed to have him in my life. As a professional athlete (discus), I put a lot of stress on my body and can immediately tell when something is not responding like it should. In a sport that requires my body to fire at the correct time and the right rhythm can add meters to my throw, having Brad provide MAT has been crucial to the development of my full testimonial

Patrick Chan
Patrick Chan clinches his second consecutive Men's Figure SkatingĀ  2011, 2012, 2013 World Champion 2 time silver medalist Sochi Winter Olympics - read his testimonial.   Muscle Activation Techniques session w/ Patrick Chan 2011 & 2012 Mens Figure Skating World Champion  

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